Frequently asked questions

Is this activity available in-person or virtually?

For now this event is only available for remote and virtual teams. Our in-person and onsite Murals are still available, however due to COVID we do not offer facilitated in-person events at this time.

How many people can participate?

Each virtual event accomodates up to 200 people; however we make exceptions for larger group needs on a case by case basis. For teams with more than 200 people, we recommend signing up for multiple sessions.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary according to specific client needs including consultation and custom program design. Our baseline program as outlined above ranges from $50 to $100 / person with a $5,000 minimum.

Are there other activity options?

We have a "DIY" version of all our activities and each requires a different level of planning and involvement based on your engagement and interactivity goals. Please visit to learn more.

What happens during the activity.

During your teams 60 minute event they will be guided by a diverse team of 2 lead facilitators and 1 to 4 tech/art support staff. When folx arrive to the virtual Zoom session, they will be greeted with inviting music and an on-screen prompt encouraging folks to "arrive" by sharing in the chat-box. For example, the arrival prompt might say, "in the chat-box, write a word that represents what Black History Month means to you," or, "write one word that represents a hope you have for this session." Next, our facilitation team introduces ourselves and what we do as a company. Then we bring context to what this "Remebrance in Action" series is about, we share a video about how we use art and storytelling to help deepen inclusive values, and outline the goals of the session theme: "Celebrate Black History Month." Then, after one of our facilitators shares a personal story of remembrance, solidarity, and action, we invite participants to reflect on what these things mean to them. After guided to explore a list of actionable steps people can take at work, in their personal lives, or in their community, participants browse images and symbols that represent the "why" behind the "what." While music sets a reflective mood, participants add color, symbols, shapes, and textures to their unique Mural tile. After completing their piece, particpants break out into small groups to share. Then, we come back to the fuller group to debrief their small group experiences. What did you learn? What surprised you? Has has your idea of remembrance changed? Solidarity? Support? What moved you? Why? How? Art and story helps people feel more connected to one another and one of the key points we drive forward is that taking time to listen and to connect is foundational to create workplaces that inspire and support everyone. Before ending, we provide guiding frameworks and worksheets that 1) Demonstrate solidarity and support in action, 2) strengthen ERG effectiveness and 3) provides an opportunity for folx to imagine how Mosaicli Mural programming can integrate to support their vision for a workplace culture that respects and engages everyone. Once the event is finished, our team puts everyone's tiles together to create their Mural. Within 24 hours we provide you a completed virtual Mural png document to send to your teams, share on social media, or print as posters providing a tangible takeaway.